Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Skate, Rattle and Bowl!!!

When I'm going to have a social skate with my friends - whether it be scoping out new places to take cool photography or get inspiration for a fashion concept, I love to make a statement with what I wear skates and on skates!

Its rare you will ever see me not colour coordinating with my skates - which isn't as hard as it sounds... as Rio's come in so many different colours! Embrace crazy textiles and colours - get inspiration for your outfits from the Rio designs.

Retro shops are becoming less rare year by year...skate on down to your nearest retro shop and embrace your inner 50's retro chick! Bandannas are always a go to for me, you can wear them under helmets if you are skating on rough ground, or they can be worn for a social skate with high waisted trousers or shorts!
Accessories with my skates - Illmasque eye 'liquid gold' is my go to accessory for my black and gold Varsity skates, not only does it have a beautiful vibrant colour but it's multipurpose, you can blend some in to some smokey eye shadow or blend over the top of some lipstick -and most importantly they do not test on animals! 
The perfect accessory to give you the fashion edge a skater girl need to stand out of the crowd!

Peace ! L x